Lake and forests of the Trakošćan castle - Trakošćan, Croatia  –  Varazdin

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  • Excursions / Tours / Activities type: Tour / Excursion / Sightseeing
    Transportation on the tour/excursion: on foot
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  • Name: Lake and forests of the Trakošćan castle
    Duration of the excursion / tour / activity:: 1 to 5 hours
    The product best describes the term: Nature
    Product includes: sightseeing, sightseeing of nature / natural beauties, guided tour
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    Nordic walking (6km) along the lakes, forests and meadows of the Trakošćan castle is a special aesthetic and spiritual experience of untouched nature.

    The experience includes education on the basics of Nordic walking and interpretation of natural and historical heritage. We take care of your safety and advise you on movement technique. We are happy to introduce you to the historical and natural heritage and answer your questions. Enjoying Nordic walking along the lake and the forests of the most famous castle in Croatia is a unique and special outdoor activity in untouched nature with a kind, authorized and professional guide. The Program includes the use of hiking sticks.

    Guests ages 10 and up can attend, up to 10 guests in total.

  • Excursion / tour / activity dates: 

  • every day
  • Place and time of departure: 

  • Hotel "Trakošćan". Trakošćan 5 - parking 10.00
  • Place and time of arrival: 

  • Hotel "Trakošćan". Trakošćan 5 - parking 12.00
  • Description: 

  • The romantic park from the middle of the 19th century has been preserved in an almost original form. Trakošćan Castle dates back to the 14th century, and in today's neo-Gothic style it was restored together with the park and the lake in the middle of the 19th century. The restorer was Count Juraj VI Drakošković, one of the members of a noble family that owned the castle for 400 years.

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  • What to bring / wear: 

  • The program requires appropriate footwear - sports shoes (hiking, trekking, trail).

  • Languages: 

  • croatian , english
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Jan 16, 2023
Dec 31, 2023
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