Dugi Otok, SUP Paddling: Sunset SUPrise  –  Brbinj

  • Excursions / Tours / Activities type : 

  • Excursions / Tours / Activities type: Tour / Excursion / Sightseeing
    Transportation on the tour/excursion: van, kayak
  • Brief description: 

  • Name: Dugi Otok. SUP Paddling: Sunset SUPrise
    Duration of the excursion / tour / activity:: 1 to 5 hours
    The product best describes the term: Outdoor and adventure
    Product includes: playing sports, sightseeing of nature / natural beauties, adventure facilities, photo safari, visit to the islands, coast tour, beach / bay visit, guided tour
    Brief description of the excursion/tour and highlights:

    We are happy to present you with something new - Sunset SUPrise tour! End your day in the best possible holiday way - enjoying the sun setting down while easily paddling on the one of the most beautiful beaches on Dugi otok - Veli žal

    The tour is intended for guests who are already on Dugi Otok because it takes place early in the morning and does not coincide with the boat timetable.

  • Excursion / tour / activity dates: 

  • 01.06. - 31.08.
  • Place and time of departure: 

  • Goat Farm Brbinj. Brbinj 1. an hour and a half before sunset. it depends on the time of summer when it is booked.
  • Place and time of arrival: 

  • Brbinj
  • Description: 

  • The Price Includes:
    van transport
    full sup gear
    ACA certified local guide
    dry bag and waterproof phone pouch

    What to bring:
    extra shirt

    * Minimal Age is 10 years old and Max Weight Limit is 120kg

  • Languages: 

  • spanish , english, croatian
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  • Unit Type:  Excursion / Tour / Activity. Unit Code:  u33619. Created At:  Feb 22, 2023. Supplier :  VALA TOURS, internet turistička agencija, vl. Roko Mandić . Last update of data:  23.02.2023 11:08:35.
Dugi Otok, SUP Paddling: Sunset SUPrise : Prices 2023 EUR (HRK)
Feb 22, 2023
Dec 31, 2023
Price 25.00 EUR (188.36 HRK)

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