General terms

General terms and conditions and notes

1. Web page
Web page is an interactive web page where the visitors can put texts, news, photos and video movies regarding the content about tourism, gastronomy, culture and entertainment. Information can be uploaded by the owners, managers, employees, tourist boards, residents and tourists, basically all those who want to introduce the public to the specific content (facilities). The site allows evaluation of the attractiveness of a specific content and it allows writing comments by other visitors. Visitors, who log in and want to publish an information about some content (facility) or promote some tourist service, become users or suppliers and they agree to the general terms and conditions that are stipulated here and are obliged to act in accordance with the general terms and conditions (general conditions do not apply if a person is only visiting the page). A person can become a user by signing up with a user name and a password. The user agrees to put the accurate access data, name and surname and the address. Contents that users publish will be signed with a nickname they choose, while the personal data will be used in accordance with the privacy statement. Persons under the age of thirteen are not allowed to enter any content. General terms can be changed from time to time and if the user or supplier doesn’t agree with the changed general terms and conditions he can remove his content from the site.

2. Content
The page is not the media that publishes editorial program contents but the page where the visitors publish information that serve for the educational and cultural public informing about the touristic, cultural and gastronomic contents (facilities). The goal of the site is to collect the information that will give the tourists, as well as the locals, the insight into touristic, cultural and gastronomic offer of the certain location (city, region and country). Publishing the information about the content (information on facilities) is completely free of charge. Except the touristic content , on these pages, providers of various services in tourism may publish and advertise services they offer. These are, further in the text, referred to as a suppliers. Users and suppliers are solely responsible for the publication of their contents in accordance with the statement of responsibility.

3. User obligations
Each user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the general terms and conditions. By publishing the certain text, comment, photo or video movie on the site, the user guarantees that the published information are true, and that they are not copyrighted by a third party. Each user is morally and materially responsible for the publication of content. It is forbidden to copy texts from other websites. Administrators review entered contents and approve them for publishing. has the right not to show the content it finds inappropriate, untrue or offensive. The owners, managers or employees of the gastronomic facilities (eg. restaurants) have the right to reply to the articles and comments on their own content. The owners have the right to request the removal of the text regarding their facilities if they find it inappropriate. The complaint can be send to By publishing the content, the user is giving the exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual transferable, irrevocable and fully sublicensable licence (copyright) to use, reproduce modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish and publicly display subscribed content to the and its affiliates.

4. The obligations of suppliers of tourist services (accommodation and other services)
Company Ltd acts as advertising website on this website and not as a tour operator or intermediary travel agency. Suppliers of tourist services who register their capacity on this site, pay the commercial advertising model they choose. Interaction, regarding arranging a specific accommodation or other tourist service, is done directly between supplier and visitor. Visitors arrange the accommodation or some other touristic service directly with the suppliers and pay the arranged service to them. Suppliers are responsible for all entered data, images, prices and more. Suppliers guarantee that they have all licences necessary to carry out the services they offer, and to operate in accordance with the laws of their home country. By purchasing certain service, visitor accepts the terms and conditions of a supplier from whom he purchased the service. Holiday-Link will check each supplier before putting its facilities to be visible on the page. If Holiday-Link, for some services, acts as a travel agency, it will also be listed as a supplier of a particular service.

5. Statement of Responsibility
The information, that users and suppliers are entering, can be wrong. does not check the entry of the information, pictures and movies and cannot guarantee their accuracy and it disclaims any responsibility for any incorrect data. If you notice a certain misstatement, inaccuracy or inadequacy in any content, please contact us by e-mail: . The responsibility, for every information about some content, is on the user who entered the information. Suppliers, who advertise touristic services via this website, act as independent entrepreneurs. They enter the data about their services , as well as the pictures and the prices, on their own. does not check entered data and disclaims responsibility regarding the errors that can occur during the entering. Suppliers have to own all the licences regarding the services they offer, and they have to respect the laws and regulations of the home country. Visitor arranges the specific service directly with the supplier, on the basis of data that is entered by a supplier as independent entrepreneur, and he pays it directly to the supplier. Therefore, disclaims responsibility for any problem related to the certain reservation. has the functionality to create an article from a Facebook page of specific content (Facebook pages).

6. Privacy Policy
When logging into the website, users and suppliers have to enter some personal data (name and surname, e-mail, address, phone number, etc.). guarantees that this data will be kept secret and will not be forwarded to the third parties. can use an user and a supplier e-mail for sending necessarry informaion and for advertising.

7. Cookie Policy
Cookies are small text files that can be stored into device of a visitor if it is allowed by a web browser. uses cookies to provide a better user experience on the website for the visitors. Also, while visiting, you can automatically collect a certain data.

8. Court Jurisdiction
In case of any dispute, related to the site, the court in Split and the Croatian law are competent.

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