Privacy Policy statement

Privacy Policy statement

Holiday-Link d.o.o., Hrvatskih žrtava 18, 21400 Supetar, Croatia, (hereinafter, respects the privacy and rights of users of its website. Our obligations are defined by the regulations on personal data protection, and here we describe how we use and process personal data.

Data collected:

1. When visiting our website, we use cookies within your internet browser. Each user can prohibit the receipt of cookies by editing / changing settings in their Internet browser. Cookies are used for faster browsing of our pages, they do not contain personal data, and they are important for recognizing the wishes of users and for Google analytics (Google's site for analyzing a particular website).

2. Arranging a reservation using the contact form on our website. Personal data collected here are name and surname, address, country, telephone / mobile phone number, e-mail from the user. This information is used to successfully perform the service you have requested through our website. We do not share them with anyone except the service provider you have booked.

3. Logging in to our site. When you log in to our system, they will save the e-mail you use to log in. If you use the Google or Facebook login application, the Name, Surname, ID number and e-mail you use to log in to these systems will be saved. We keep this information confidential and do not share it with third parties. Only Holiday-Link administrators / employees have access to your data. At your request, your personal data will be deleted.

4. Payment by card. If you decide to book a service on our website, you need to pay for it with a credit card. The card is charged on the website and server of the online card payment service provider (, which is loaded via the sub-page (iFrame) within the design of our site. employees do not see or store the information needed to charge the card.

5. Receive notifications and newsletters. does not currently send any newsletters or emails to user addresses. If he decides to do so in the future, he will first ask the user's permission.

6. Security and data deletion. The collected data is stored on secure secure servers and can only be accessed by agency employees. To delete your personal data, or any other information, you can contact us at

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