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Showing 1-5 of 200 items. (Facebook page),  27 Jul 2019

  • Address: Ulica Antuna Gustava Matoša 26
  • Phone nr: 0800398323
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Very fast and quality service. Precise in their work and time of order execution. You have to come and get the food. Recommendation: Pre-order by phone to avoid waiting for a long time. (Facebook page),  12 Aug 2019

  • Address: Vinka Paletina 5
  • Phone nr: +38598417415
  • E-mail:
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Pancakes, waffle, ham and eggs, toast,fresh smoothie, wine etc.etc. (Facebook page),  12 Aug 2019

  • Address: Autobusni kolodvor 1A
  • Phone nr: +385915066534
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The place to be when you are tired of overpriced restaurants. Burgers and cevapi in the evening, coffee and bakery in the morning. Convenient as it is just in front of bus station. (Facebook page),  9 Sep 2019

  • Phone nr: 0997588255
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The first ice cream store in town ...since 1976 (Facebook page),  26 Aug 2019

  • Address: Kroz Burak 39
  • Phone nr: 0958849667
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Come inside and make yourself comfortable in our confectionery, we have everything you need for a quiet afternoon. Our confectionery, Icy, offers you friendly service, a quiet atmosphere and a rela...
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