Restaurants - Island of Korcula, Croatia

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  • Address: Ulica 67, 6
  • Phone nr: +38598287216
  • E-mail: (Facebook page),  12 Aug 2019

  • Address: Marka Andrijića 13
  • Phone nr: 00 385 20 711 170
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You will feel quite smug as you sit in the little laneway this place is in, watching people sit to eat in the more expensive places a few feet away on the main street. Definitely worth searching thi... (Facebook page),  12 Aug 2019

  • Phone nr: 0915610550
  • E-mail:
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Homemade farm-produced food, local wine, fresh fish, virgin olive oil and traditional cakes. Beautiful seafront setting. (Facebook page),  12 Aug 2019

  • Address: 20274
  • Phone nr: 020717065
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If you are going on the island Korcula and you really want eat delicious fresh fish and don't want to spend much this is the right place for you. Pleasant owner will serve you and suggest it's dome... (Facebook page),  12 Aug 2019

  • Address: Račišće bb
  • Phone nr: 0915850912
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Excellent food, fresh and simple at ridiculous prices (big plate of mussels with fresh tomato sauce = 40kn, 50cl of draft Ozujsko = 20kn). Small place like Račišće deserves to have Bistro Cin-...
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