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  • Timezone and time: 
  • Europe/Zagreb (09:56)
  • Currency: 
  • Internet TLD: 
  • .hr
  • Population: 
  • 6,800
  • Altitude: 
  • 8 m
  • Country code: 
  • +385
  • Town code: 
  • 022
  • Seas: 
  • Adriatic sea
  • Languages spoken: 
  • Croatian
  • Map position: 
  • 43.7611122, 15.7787599

Important phone numbers

  • Tel emergency: 
  • +385 112
  • Tel ambulance: 
  • +385 194
  • Tel police: 
  • +385 192
  • Tel Road Aid: 
  • +385 1987
  • Tel fire: 
  • +385 193
  • Tel Info: 
  • +385 11888

Most accepted credit cards

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa electron
  • Maestro
  • Diners
  • American express


  • New Year: 1.1., Epiphany: 6.1., Easter and Easter Monday: the first Sunday that falls after the 14th day of the new moon starting with the 21st March, Labor day: 1.5., Corpus Christi: ninth Thursday after Easter, Anti-Fascist Struggle Day: 22.6., Statehood day: 25.6., Victory and homeland gratitude Day: 5.8., Assumption Of Mary: 15.8., Independence Day: 8.10., All Saints' day: 1.11., Christmas: 25.12., Christmas holidays: 26.12.

    Public transport

  • Bus, Taxi, Ferry
  • Transportation stations (in range of 20 km)

    Prvic Sepurine, Prvic, Jadrija, Zlarin, Obonjan, Kaprije, Zirje
    Marinas, moorings and anchorages: 
    ACI marina Vodice, Srima, Marina Tribunj, Sepurine East, Sovlje, Zaton, Tijascica, Svita Ante Capljena, Rasline, Vrulje, Zablace, Remetic, Lemes, Ostrica, Guduca, Marina Solaris, Marina Mandalina, Beretusa, ACI marina Jezera, Tratica, Tijesno, Potkucina, Sveti Nikola, Tisno, Uvala Lovista, ACI marina Skradin, Uvala Kosirina, Uvala Koromasna, Brodarica, Krapanj Island, Stupica Vela, Marina Betina, Tratitnska, Marina Hramina, Nozdra Vela, Slanica, Zaboric, Hrid Misine, Zminjak, Mirine, Hudomescica
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    Vodice Weather


    Croatia, Middle Dalmatia, VODICE


    clear sky
    Wind speed: 9.15 km/h

    Wednesday, 27/01/2021 6°C clear sky
    Thursday, 28/01/2021 7°C clear sky
    Friday, 29/01/2021 10°C light rain
    Saturday, 30/01/2021 11°C light rain
    Sunday, 31/01/2021 12°C light rain
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    Holiday-Link.com (Facebook page),  8 May 2017

    • Address: Obala Matice Hrvatske 22 B
    • Phone nr: +385(0)99 222 38 89
    • E-mail: info@cesarica-vodice.com
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    Located on the waterfront, at the site of the first guided oil mill from which ever once the waterfalls of fragrant olive oil and olive oil were poured out, today is the Cesarica tavern where a perf...

    Holiday-Link.com (Facebook page),  8 May 2017

    • Address: Pamuković Kamila 9
    • Phone nr: 38598219869
    • E-mail: santamariavodice@yahoo.com
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    Santa Maria is more than a restaurant. It is a gourmet museum full of art paintings, historical objects, a place of divine flavors and scents, Santa Maria is a spice that will engage you in memor...

    Holiday-Link.com (Facebook page),  8 May 2017

    • Address: Ulica Roca Pave 5
    • Phone nr: 0915767751
    • E-mail: tri.piruna@gmail.com
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    Enjoy Mediterranean food and variety of other food. Kind staff and beautiful ambiance will make your day better. Relax after a long day of sightseeing and enjoy yourselves.

    Holiday-Link.com (Facebook page),  8 May 2017

    • Address: Obala Matice hrvatske 14A
    • Phone nr: 00385959002145
    • E-mail: damirsp@gmail.com
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    Placed close to the sea, bistro Gulož offers beautiful view and place for relaxing after a long day. We offer you a wide range of different Mediterenean food and top quality wines. Come and join

    Holiday-Link.com (Facebook page),  8 May 2017

    • Address: Artina 17
    • Phone nr: 022440878
    • E-mail: argola.ts@gmail.com
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    Restaurant Argola is placedin the center of Vodice. Set close to the sea it provides you with an amazing atmosphere. Enjoy fresh Mediterrenean food and wine. We can assure you that there are a
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