The parish church of st. Jelena Križarica has a long history, but it is unknown when it was originally erected. There are assumptions that it was built between V. and VII. century.

In the book of notary public of Antun de Renna de Mutina from Rijeka, the Kastav church and its parish priest Docglen were enrolled on March 19, 1440. Plovan is also mentioned in the Kastav Satut that year.

Later notary records show that the fraternity of St. John took care of the Altar of Sts. Mary Magdalene (February 2, 1441) and that in 1443 money was raised for the roof, and two years later the church was painted.

According to another notary transcript, made in 1678, a document is mentioned on May 10, 1473, when the venerable and wise priests and canons of Kastav met at a fraternal council in the church of St. Jelena, which is a Kastav canonical church.