For organizers of excursions / tours / activities

INTRODUCTION is a marketing portal that provides information to tourists and other visitors about the catering, tourist and cultural facilities of a particular destination. Tourists and other users can book the services presented on directly with the providers of certain services.


Our mission is to unite the offer of suppliers (organizers) of excursions, tours and various activities that are interesting to visitors, and create a wide sales network so that the offer of suppliers is visible to as many potential customers as possible.


1. Free presentation of your services through movies, pictures and descriptions and prices
We have created a system in which suppliers of excursions / tours and activities can very easily and simply present their services. The service is presented through pictures, video - film, and a description of the service, by filling out prepared online questionnaires. Each service is accompanied by a calendar in which the period of service provision, days (dates) of organizing services, and capacity (for how many people can organize the service) are determined. Based on that, the price of the service is determined (per person or per group / vehicle). Examples of presentations:

2. Free flyers to print

After entering the necessary data, the service is presented on and flyers are automatically generated in A4, A5 and A6 PDF format. Suppliers and business partners can print these flyers and use them for marketing. Exhibit them in agency offices, hotel receptions, private accommodation and other places. See flyers example:

3. Doing business only with the help of mobile phones.

If you want to use the Holiday-Link system in full, you will only need a mobile phone to communicate with guests, track evidence of contracted reservations, invoice and fiscalize accounts.

4. Administrative system for managing reservations and storing the necessary data

In the administration system, we have prepared everything necessary to keep records of contracted reservations (via Holiday-Link or otherwise).

5. Reservation invoicing system

Suppliers, if they wish, can use Holiday-Link to issue invoices for contracted reservations and fiscalize contracted invoices.

6. Sell your services through a wide sales network of partners

The fact is that most of these services are booked through travel agencies, hotel receptions, according to the recommendations of renters or others. For this purpose, we have developed a system in which sales partners will be able to easily mediate in the sale of the Supplier's services and earn a commission for the contracted reservation (15%). See more on the network of sales partners here:

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