Price list for services

For users / visitors / guests is completely free of charge. does not charge any fee for bookings or sent requests to visitor / users of the portal.

All presentations that an owner, employee or visitor of a tourist service wish to upload on are absolutely and for ever free of charge. This is valid for the categories restaurant, night / disco club, bar / pub, event, sights / attraction, museum / gallery / opera / theatre, shops / services, national parks / nature parks, beaches, ski resorts, excursion sites, fast foods / pastry shops, festivals, ZOOs / aquariums, casino, park / garden.

Providers of tourist services pay for portal services according to the prices listed below. Providers are people who offer the next toursit services to portal users: private accommodation, hotels, charter and other boats, cruisers and mini cruisers, camps, round tours and programmes, excursions / sightseeings.

Price list for tourist service providers is a marketing portal so only a request is charged (e-mail) that the provider has received from the portal user, through the contact form on the portal for a service that is presented and offered through the portal. does not take provisions of the provider's price nor any charge for bookings from the users / guests according to this model of cooperation.

Request for booking an accommodation unit apartment or room up to 3 beds (1-3) including extra beds – 3,00 Euro.

For every extra bed the price rises for 0,50 Euro.

Request for booking an accommodation unit holiday home or mobile home up to 4 beds (1-4) including extra beds - 4 Euro.

For every extra bed the price rises for 0,50 Euro.

Accommodation unit charter boat – 4 Euro

Accommodation unit camp place and camper – 3 Euro

Accommodation unit cabin (mini cruiser and cruiser) – 4 Euro

Users CANNOT SEND REQUESTS FOR CLOSED PERIODS IN THE CALENDER and these requests are not caluculated. The provider can set the arrival day (f.e. - Saturday) and so only requests for Saturday departures can be entered. The provider can destinguish the minimum stay and in this case no requests below the set minimum stay can be sent.

The provider is obligated to close the already booked days in the calendar, so that he does not receive requests that cannot be booked. If so, these requests will also be charged.

The requests are charged no matter if there was a booking or not. If there is one booking in 5 requests, marketing through is still the cheapest on the market and absolutely pays off.

If you do not book the received requests, think about presentation improvement (better pictures and videos) or price reduction.

The providers have to present the units correctly, otherwise there will be no requests that can be realized.

VAT is included in the price. is still not in the VAT system.
The calculation will use the middle buying currency rate valid on the day the invoice is issued.

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