One of the most entertaining points in the city of Split. On the beautiful beach Bacvice in the heart of Split, overlooking the sandy zones that dominate the summer swimming and winter ardent picigin, rising to object to the summit of which the elite club Tropic. One of the most entertaining points in the city of Split is unavoidable if we want to place hangouts long into the night, the place where the story and newcomers warmly recommended. Not without reason, except that it is in a prime location, Tropic is beautifully decorated, and nightclub scene of frequent visits of different music stars. The music that plays there in turn "just on a human scale", and the interior of the facility a real treat for gourmets. Compound glamourous and contemporary in itself calls for respect for the glam / evening dress code, and the friendly staff strives to offer guests local touch, why is everyone in Tropic can feel at home. Well, except for "art" is not technically part of the interior design is no less important. Superior ventilation, and air circulation during the summer months are a guarantee of pleasure in every moment spent at your favorite hangout of the citizens and guests. In any event, a night in Tropic experience are to be remembered like the first kiss or the most beautiful excursions, even in the absence of night swimming at the nearby beach with the beginning of the story.