The area of Lonjsko polje (Lonja Field) has been protected by the Ramsar Convention since 1993. It covers a surface of 50.650 hectares, and it is the largest protected wetland area and a large complex of flooded lowland forests in the Danube basin. It is located in the valley of the Sava River, between the towns of Sisak and Stara Gradiska, and consists of three fields: Lonja, Mokro and Poganovo with a significant biological and landscape value. When it comes to vegetation, almost 70% of this nature park is covered by flooded lowland forests. It is important to mention a plant species specific to this area, the Slavonian oak. The animal world is also diverse. Lonja Field is an important habitat for birds, including endangered species of the saker falcon (Falco cherrug) and ferruginous duck (Aythya nyroca). Given the fact that there are permanent settlements in the Park, you can encounter farm animals too, mainly pigs and cows. When the floods subside, farmers let the cattle graze in the open field. This is a traditional type of grazing where multiple species graze together in a pasture, and this field is the only area in Europe still preserving this kind of grazing. Be sure to visit the village of Krapje, the only Croatian village with a status of Village of Architectural Heritage, where the Day of European Heritage traditionally takes place. Another interesting village is Cigoc, or "European Stork Village". Enjoy discovering the local oak architecture. Ticket prices vary in the Park, ranging from about 5.5 euros for a day pass, to about 33.5 euros for special programs for adults. Multi-day tickets (2-5 days) for adults cost about 8 euros. Ticket prices for students, seniors, disabled people and members of Croatian Mountaineering Association range from about 4.5 for a day pass to 33.5 euros for specific programs. Multi-day ticket for this category costs about 6 euros. For children younger than 7 years the admission is free. All organized arrivals should be announced. The Park is open to visitors from April to October, from 9 to 17 o'clock. Additional information is available on the Park's website.

photo: PP Lonjsko polje