Kornati National Park is located in central Dalmatia, west from Sibenik. It consists of 89 islands, islets and rocks. The vertical cliffs on the west side of the island are the most interesting feature of this park. This archipelago, declared a national park in 1965, is entirely privately owned, except for its maritime domain. For most people Kornati islands might seem lifeless, but this is far from truth. As for its fauna, there are many species of insects (18 species of butterflies and even 35 species of ants), amphibians, lizards, snakes (there is no information about the existence of poisonous snakes), and mammals (marten and even a dozen species of bats) living here. Kornati are especially interesting in the period of bird migration, when one can see many species of birds such as cranes, black-winged stilt and gray herons in this area. Kornati also have many caves and caverns hiding an endemic species of amphipod Niphargus pectencoronatae and Niphargus hebereri. As for its flora, it is interesting to mention one of the most attractive plant families, such as orchids, with nine species so far recorded. The area of the Park can be reached by private or rented boat, or as a part of organized trips offered by many tourist agencies. During the summer season, food and necessary supplies can be purchased on boat-stores, and on the islet of Vela Panitula there is a small grocery store. Most restaurants in the area of the Park are open only during the summer season. Out of season, food and other supplies are not available in the Park. Additional information can be obtained at the reception of Kornati National Park (during the summer), or in the premises of the Public Institution "Kornati National Park" in Murter (throughout the year), and at the reception in Murter. For the smallest category of vessels - up to 11 meters, tickets bought outside of Kornati National Park cost about 20 euros, but if you buy them in the Park, you pay twice as much: about 40 euros. The park is open all year round.

photo: NP Kornati, HTZ, TZ Murter, TZ Tisno, TZ Zadar, TZ Biograd; video: HTZ