Restaurants - Island of Losinj, Croatia

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  • Address: Riva Losinjskih Kapetana 18
  • Phone nr: +38551232571
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  • Address: Rovenska 1
  • Phone nr: 0038551236008
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Family restaurant with long-standing culinary tradition. Since 1994. You are welcome! (Facebook page),  Aug 16, 2019

  • Address: 40 Braće Ivana i Stjepana Vidulića
  • Phone nr: +385 92 358 7444
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  • Address: Obala Nerezinskih Pomoraca 3
  • Phone nr: 0976839562
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Bistro RIO is situated in pleasent position by the sea in Marina Nerezine and ofering fast food and breakfast. (Facebook page),  Aug 22, 2019

  • Address: v.gortana 26
  • Phone nr: 0994035149
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