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  • Address: Dalmatinska ulica 16
  • Phone nr: +38553661058
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  • Address: Vrh briga 30
  • Phone nr: +385922962428 (Facebook page),  Sep 24, 2019

  • Address: Ulica Hrvatskog sabora
  • Phone nr: 023331732
  • E-mail:
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When entering Nin, the oldest croatian royal town, through south Donja gradska vrata, you will arrive at Restauranta Ana. On the terrace the tables are set in the pleasant shade of old trees. Y... (Facebook page),  Sep 24, 2019

  • Address: Obala kneza Branimira 65
  • Phone nr: 023360899
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Restaurant Vukic located near the sea ... We offer you all kinds of dishes, from meat, fish, pizza ..... Restaurant Vukic opens at 8 am, and works until 01: 00 in the evening ... (Facebook page),  Sep 24, 2019

  • Address: Perivoj Vlaka 10
  • Phone nr: +385955352087
  • E-mail:
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Restaurant in the center of Zaton (near Nin) with outside terrace under natural grapevine pergola. Tradition of this restaurant goes back to 1979 when it was originaly opened. Our authentic "kon...
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