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  • Address: Kampor
  • E-mail:
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Known name, known attractive location, a whole new look, Grota Caffe Bar! kids, outdoor, waiter, coffee, drinks, (Facebook page),  Aug 1, 2019

  • Address: Kampor 78
Must visit() Visit() Skip() (Facebook page),  May 20, 2019

  • Address: Belasova 5
  • Phone nr: 0915241896
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Cocktails,shooters and many other beverages ...... (Facebook page),  Aug 2, 2019

  • Address: Nikole Tesle 37
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Good service ... air-conditioned ... and a very quiet place ... (Facebook page),  Nov 8, 2019

  • Address: Diračje 106
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For all lovers of good coffee, pleasant moments and cheerful ambience, the cafe bar Diem is the perfect place. Come and enjoy some fun moments with our friendly staff.
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