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  • Address: Kresimirova obala 98 Diklo
  • Phone nr: +385 23 331 217
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Fast food Obala is a newly opened place which will make your eating experience great. All food is made from fresh ingredients. Our staff will be welcoming you with a big smile. Come and visit us... (Facebook page),  Sep 10, 2019

  • Address: Emila Antica 44a
  • Phone nr: 0911712848
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Fast Food Enya is located in Selce below the Varaždin Hotel right on the beach by the promenade. Superb fast food with cold drinks (beer juices water etc) We also offer the sweetest pancakes wit... (Facebook page),  Sep 10, 2019

  • Address: Zagradi 40
  • Phone nr: +385 98 190 2128
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Great dishes, extremely good prices, affordable location, drinks, ice creams, delivery options. Perhaps the best fast food in Omisalj. (Facebook page),  Sep 10, 2019

  • Address: Modrčinski put 16a
  • Phone nr: 0917896897
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Fun evening with Croatian dishes - we serve freshly prepared dishes in the original atmosphere. We welcome you to our Fast Food Quattro. Enjoy delicious meals and beautiful ambiance in our fast... (Facebook page),  Aug 7, 2019

  • Address: Tiha 10
  • Phone nr: +385996699849
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Cozy atmosphere · Outdoor dining · Elegant interior
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