Risnjak National Park is located in the region of Gorski Kotar and covers an area of 6400 hectares. This area was declared a national park in 1953. Today, the area of the Park includes the river Kupa also. The mountain of Veliki Risnjak, together with the massif of Snjeznik, represents a great climate and vegetation border between the coastal and inland part of Croatia, and just 23 km of flight distance away from the coast, there are noticeable climatic differences. The largest part of this park is built of limestone and dolomite, and it is rich in many karstic forms, such as cracks, screes, sinkholes, holes, caves etc. This area is characterized by large amounts of rainfall. As for the Park's fauna, there is a large number of animal species that reside here, up to 1148 species and subspecies. This is also home to a multitude of birds, reptiles and insects. It is interesting to note that the valley of Kupa river is also called the "Butterfly Valley", due to the fact that butterflies are one of its most numerous inhabitants. Three major European predators also inhabit this Park: wolf, bear and lynx (Risnjak is named after the Croatian word for lynx - "ris"). Hiking and entering the Park are possible from three directions: from the administration building of the Park in Bijela Vodica (Crni Lug) (coming from Zagreb - motorway exit Delnice), from Gornje Jelenje via Vilj, and from Platak. Ticket price is always the same, regardless of the time of year. Tickets for adults cost about 6 euros, and for pupils, students, members of Croatian Mountaineering Society and retired people around 3.5 euros. For children up to 7 years of age the entrance is free. There is also a family ticket which costs about 13.5 euros. It is important to emphasize that the purchased ticket is valid for two days. If you are coming in a larger group, be sure to announce your arrival by phone or email, so that the Park's staff has enough time to organise a guided tour. Opening hours of the administration building are 7 to 15 h, from Monday to Friday. If you enjoy in natural beauty, unspoiled nature and clean mountain air, this park is the perfect destination for you.

photo: NP Risnjak, TZ Delnice; video: NP Risnjak