Fast food / Pastry Shops - Sibenik, Middle Dalmatia, Croatia

Showing 1-5 of 7 items. (Facebook page),  Jun 17, 2019

  • Address: Obala 4 kolovoza 1941
  • Phone nr: +385955143655
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A place where you can enjoy food and drinks at resonable prices. ... (Facebook page),  Apr 4, 2017

  • Address: Stjepana Radića 1
  • Phone nr: +385 22 212 036
  • E-mail:
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Pastry shop in the center of Šibenik. Enjoy the variety of cakes. Try the traditional Dalmatian desserts. All of this can be found here. Enjoy the delicacies that this special place provides. E... (Facebook page),  Jun 17, 2019

  • Address: Ćaleta cari 28 šibenik
  • Phone nr: 0998107800
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Natural, handmade, homemade, gluten free, vegan, halal, with olive oil. Ice cream, natural juices, cakes. (Facebook page),  Apr 12, 2017

  • Address: Ante Starcevica bb
  • Phone nr: +385 91 2000 125
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Place number 1 to eat the best ćevapi in Sibenik. Ćevapi (specialty brought here from Bosnia) in 022 are made based on the original Banja Luka recipe for over 50 years. Satisfied guests say, (Facebook page),  Apr 12, 2017

  • Address: Put Gimnazije 62 e
  • Phone nr: 099 742 2909
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Fast food facility. It offers you a variety of foods you can eat if you get tired during a full day of sightseeing. Or come here when you get hungry after night out. Foods are fresh. We're waitin...
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