In 1983, a part of the Nature Park Vransko jezero was included in Important Bird Areas in Europe. There are about 235 bird species, of which 102 nesting birds so far registered in the Park. This area was declared a nature park in 1999. In 2013, it was included in the list of protected wetlands under the Ramsar Convention. The lake Vransko is the largest natural lake in Croatia with a surface of 30.2 km2. This lake is actually a karst field filled with water and a rare example of cryptodepression. Cycling enthusiasts will certainly enjoy exploring more than 50 km long bicycle paths around the lake. You can enjoy discovering its educational trails by taking a leisurely stroll . If you like to go fishing, you can do this during your visit, too. However, it is important to respect the rules of behavior in this particular area. Fishing is allowed with a special permit and limited to a certain place, and eel (Anguilla anguilla) is a specially protected species. You can find the price list and programs on the website of the Park.

photos: PP Vransko jezero, HTZ, TZ grada Biograda, TZ grada Cresa; video: PP Vransko jezero