The area of the Mala and Velika Paklenica was declared a national park in 1949. The reason behind this decision was the preservation of the largest forest area of the northern Dalmatia (black pine and beech forests). The park is mostly located in the northern Dalmatia and its minor part in the Lika region. It covers 95 km2 of beautiful forests, mountains, canyons and various geomorphological forms. In addition to its rich flora, the park is inhabited by deer, red deer, wild boar, brown bear, wolf, lynx, fox, wild cats and other animals. In the park you can walk, hike and climb. We can safely say that the hike is the best way to experience this area in all its beauty. There's even 150-200 km of trails and paths. The trails are marked, and some of them are easy, while the more difficult ones lead to the highest peaks of the mountains. If you decide to visit the park, be sure to also explore: Velika Paklenica Canyon, Mala Paklenica Canyon, Manita pec cave, Bojinac, Anica kuk and Vaganski vrh (1575 m). Paklenica is a well known rock-climbing destination and the most important Croatian climbing center. Today there are about 400 equiped climbing routes of varying difficulty and length (grades 3 to 8b +), so every climber can find something for himself. The best known climbing rock is Anica kuk. The old routes are equipped with bolts. The main climbing season in Paklenica begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. The highest number of climbers gather around the 1 st of May when a traditional International Climbers Meeting takes place along with a series of events and competitions.The ticket price is about 6.50 euros for adults in high season (from May to September) and about 5 euros during other months. Children under 7 years of age accompanied by parents do not pay for the ticket. A guided tour of the park lasting 4 hours costs about 50 euros. When it comes to climbing, for the period of three days one pays around 13 euros per adult (from May to September) and around 10 euros during other months.The park is open full-time all year round. Working hours of the reception in Velika Paklenica are as following: from 15th of March to 5th of November from 6:00 to 20:30, and the rest of the year from 7:00 to 15:00. The reception in Mala Paklenica is open from the beginning of May until mid-October from 6:00 to 14:00.

photo: TZ općine Starigrad, internet portal zaštite prirode MZOIP-a; video: NP Paklenica