Velebit, a part of the Dinarides, is a mountain 145 km long and 10 to 30 km wide, streching over an area of 2,270 km2. The Velebit area has an extremly rich wildlife. There are over 10 species of amphibians, 26 species of reptiles, 23 species of small mammals, and even 23 species of bats living here. The Nature Park Velebit is a true endemic paradise for both plants and animals. It is especially important to mention the following endemic species: degenia (Degenia velebitica), Arabis croatica, Edraianthus graminofolius var. croaticus, Dalmatian barbelgudgeon (Aulopyge hugeli), long-fingered bat (Myotis capaccinii). There are also three big carnivores living here: brown bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus) and lynx (Lynx lynx), and also otter (Lutra lutra). Although the whole park is protected, these areas are of particular importance: Zavratnica Cove, Velnacka glavica, Hajducki kukovi, Rozanski kukovi, Cerovac Caves, special forest vegetation reserve Stirovaca, botanical reserve Zavizan-Balinovac-Velika kosa. We are sure you will really enjoy exploring the Velebit's beauty with the help of three educational trails: Terezijana, Kudin most and Starigrad Senjski. As for the entrance to the Park, it is free. There are special tickets for Zavratnica Cove and Cerovac Caves, except for children under 7 years. Additional information is available on the website of the Nature Park Velebit.

photo: PP Velebit; video: Ivica Sikic -