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  • Address: GRISIA 4
  • Phone nr: 0038552418993
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Pretty nice corner in the heart of the city of Rovinj and precisely in the Grisia street, so-called artists' street. (Facebook page),  Nov 1, 2016

  • Address: Porat bb
  • Phone nr: 021630778
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  • Phone nr: 385/52/759-565
  • E-mail:
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Restaurant Antonia, surrounded by greenery, beautiful gardens and beach offers culinary delights in a small fishing village Zambratija, near Umag. The pleasant ambience and hospitality, with a lo... (Facebook page),  Nov 1, 2016

  • Address: Put Vele Luke bb
  • Phone nr: 0911848039
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  • Address: Koriolana Ćipika 3
  • Phone nr: +385977936088
  • E-mail:
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Giardin bar and kitchen is a newly opened place. It is a must do for all those who like to combine good food with cocktails or a lovely glass of wine.
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