The old parish church, dating from the 16th century, was erected on the remains of the old church of St. John, so the people called her St. John (San Giovanino). During the Turkish invasions, in 1649, the service of God was performed by the nuns of the monastery of St. Archangel. From 1902 it was taken over by the Franciscan Third Order and with the help of the faithful and the then state authorities it was renovated and decorated with three marble altars. There is now an altar with a sacrilege on the side altar, on the second altar a statue of the Virgin. The basilica was discovered during the restoration of the church. The original old church of st. John was built in the presbytery of the basilica. It has been extended three times throughout history. The present shape of the church is the original medieval, semi-circular apse reconstructed in 1996.